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Silke Fleischer


  • Dutch native
  • English expert
  • German expert

Art skills

  • jewellery
  • ceramic
  • video
  • scenography
  • curating
  • gallery
  • education
  • conceptual research
  • art direction

Jewellery artist Silke Fleischer studied Ceramic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Artesis University College Antwerp (1995-1999) and the Jewellery Design and Silversmithing Program at Sint Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp where in 2002 she received her 2th MA. Between 2005-2011 she invited designers and artists to set up events at her space for contemporary jewellery in Antwerp, Silke & The Gallery. Fleischer has been connected as Visiting Professor at the MAD-Faculty PXL University College in Hasselt and teaching since 2005 Jewellery Design classes at the Stedelijke Academie in Sint Niklaas and Berchem. Besides her jewellery classes a new department has been organised at the Stedelijke Academie Berchem for graduates, artists and designers, who wish to deepen their individual research and professional skills. Currently she is participating and co├Ârdinating as a curator for Jewellery Sessions and further developing her jewellery research together with commissioned work.